At Global Wings we understand the value of your asset. By delegating management to us you benefit from all the advantages of aircraft ownership without any of the administrative, regulatory or operational burdens. We can hire, train and oversee the crew, monitor and ensure regulatory compliance, coordinate maintenance, handle accounts receivable and payable as well as provide overall travel support and scheduling assistance to you.

Our aircraft management services are always tailored to your exact individual needs. You may choose to retain exclusive use of your aircraft as Part 91, or you may elect to generate revenue and reduce the expense of aircraft ownership benefits by placing your aircraft on a Part 135 charter certificate. You can rely on the Global Wings charter sales teams extensive experience in selling aircraft and charter throughout the world to maximize your charter revenue return. Aircraft Management, Crew, Maintenance, Owner & Charter flights would be managed and arranged by Global Wings.

Get Cost savings in key operational areas such as fuel.

Keep your flight activities private.

Operate your aircraft with precision and efficiency.

Find ways to reduce your operational, security, or financial risks.

We hire, train, and retain the best flight crew for all your flights.

Know where you stand financially with Global Wings at all times.

Maintenance is typically seen as a profit center to management companies. All scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance would be overseen by selected and approved mechanics that would shop and bid for the best parts. Global Wings sees maintenance cost as a way to minimize the customer’s expenses.